Amber Hearn

Crossing borders

Open 4-24 July – open for viewing from 4 July.

The auction is open for bidding from Tuesday 17 July till Tuesday 24 July and closes on the event night of Tuesday 24 July at 6.45pm in time for winning bids to collect their work.  More auction details coming soon.

See works and bid here:

Celebrate ‘Crossing Borders’ on Tuesday 24 July 5.30-7.30pm.

Work collection will also be available on Thursday 26 July 4-7pm.


‘Crossing borders’ is a fundraising exhibition of small works of art by established and emerging National Art School associated artists. Curated by Amber Hearn in collaboration with The National Art School in support of Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS), with 100% of profits being donated to RACS to continue their vital work, providing legal assistance to people seeking asylum in Australia. Each year Crossing Borders has raised approximately $10000 to go toward RACS.

‘Crossing Borders’ is an annual group fundraising exhibition project founded by Amber Hearn in 2014 whilst completing her Honours degree at The National Art School.

Amber was inspired to form the project as a way to create a platform to bring artists together with the wider community, using their skills to facilitate an accessible way for the public to contribute to a cause that she deeply believes needs supporting.

‘Crossing Borders’ showcases a range of work donated by National Art School associated Artists ranging from painting to ceramics and sculpture with 100% of the profits donated to RACS. RACS is a not-for-profit refugee legal service, providing expert advice and casework assistance to financially disadvantaged individuals seeking asylum both in the community and in immigration detention. Since the Federal Government’s funding cuts were introduced in April 2014 which erased 85% of their funding, RACS now relies more heavily on donations to continue its invaluable work. The future of RACS relies on the broad support of individuals and institutions. For further information about RACS please visit their website: Each year the Crossing Borders exhibition has raised approximately $10,000 for RACS.

This exhibition provides a platform for artists associated with National Art School to contribute to this national issue in a practical way by donating and making work for the exhibition. Crossing Borders has been an important part of the artist community, providing an opportunity for emerging and established artists to unite together for a greater cause.

For more details see

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